Google launches an AI-powered Pinterest rival named Keen

Google’s Area 120 team, an internal incubator that builds experimental applications and services, has launched the rival Keen: a-be-Pinterest, which draws on the search giant’s machine learning expertise to learn topics. Available today on the web and Android, co-founder CJ Adams says Keane aims to browse “Mindless” online feedings.

Adams wrote in a blog post, “At Keen […] you say what you want to devote more time to, and then rely on curated content from the web to help those people.” “You make a Keen curious,” which can be about any subject, whether it is cooking delicious bread at home, researching birding or typography. Keen lets you curate the content you like, share your collection with others and find new content based on the content you save. “

This is clearly not a particularly revelatory pitch. Just about every social media feed you browse is trying to personalize your content in one way or another. And Pinterest has already captured the hobby-focused side of this market with its pinboard-style visual design – two features that Keen is trying to imitate.

So what does Keen have that Pinterest does not have? Well, Google’s expertise in machine learning for this is what Adams says will surface “supporting content related to your interests”.

Says Adams, “Even if you’re not an expert on a subject, you can start curtailing an eagerness and save some interesting gems’ or links. “These pieces of material act like seeds and help to find more and more related content over time.”

But it also does not invest heavily in AI like Pinterest. And while machine learning has the potential to find in many areas the data outstrips of humans, when it comes to niche hobbies and interests, I want a large and engaged collective intuition (I say, curious) The For some time, uproot them from the machines.

But there is also the question that Google itself is exiting the project in terms of data. The company has never been able to break into the social space, a place of online activity that creates scads of compelling data to target advertisements. A Pinterest-style social network will actually allow it to focus on users’ interests and gather this information. And it seems that the data collected by Keen is being combined with everything Google users know about it. You are eager to use your Google account, and by clicking on the “Privacy” link of the site, you point to Google’s comprehensive privacy policy.

At any rate, it is interesting to see Google pushing its machine learning systems into more diverse applications. Especially those who feel like they are trying to promote the interests of users rather than rewarding algorithms that provide greater engagement regardless of what people are actually engaging with Let’s drive for.

Google Keen download : Andriod

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