What is Off-site Optimization?

The latter of the two major factors in search engine rankings is called Off-site Optimization. This is the main concern on the race to first place on the search engine results page.

Can’t touch this

Off site optimization has more to do with everything outside your website in order to affect your SEO. It makes up roughly 75% of your overall SEO factor. Yes, it’s the shiznit.

The Road to a Better Rank

Off site Optimization

This is it. This is what we’re all here for – the big chunk of 75% in order for our website to get to the top. Why does off site optimization hold most of your SEO factor?

The search engine is a tool in the internet for people to use. It is built by people, enhanced by people, and is to be used by people. Apparently in the earlier days of the search engine, it was also abused by people by exploiting loopholes in their on site optimization – since on site optimization holds most of the search engine factor back then.

Google saw this and they worked their way on making the search engines unexploitable. So they came up with off site optimization in order to reduce the power of on site optimization – consequently, reducing the range and effectivity of on site exploitation.

The beauty of off site optimization

There is a beauty in how Google designed the algorithm of the off site optimization factor. They designed it in a way that it reflects real-life. See, links in the web are a form of referral. If I link to you, it means that I’m referring you to my audience for something.

Take this for example:

Website A is about Scuba Diving

Website B is a Scuba diving equipment shop

Website A gives Website B a link. Website A is telling his readers/audience “Hey guys, check out Website B for their great scuba diving equipments!”

In essence, Website A is using his/her authority and trust that he/she has accumulated over the years from his/her audience and passing some of that on to Website B. Make any sense to you? Simple isn’t it?

Let’s take a real-life example:

Liane (our internet marketing blogger) is a great dentist (again, this is just an example)  and you tell me “Hey Sean, my tooth hurts, do you know a good dentist who can fix it?” I’ll of course refer you to Liane because I already know that she’s good and she can fix your problem. And because you trust me, you’ll go to Liane for help.

(Sorry for using you as my example here Liane. I guess I owe you another Froyo for this, huh?)

So you see…

Off site optimization is how Google changed search results to be more relevant – it is now people who vote on who should be on the top of the search results by linking to the site they want to refer to. It ain’t up to the webmaster’s on site optimization completely – because that’s unavoidably exploitable.

Consequently, you won’t link to a crappy website, would you? So crappy websites go down the rank while real, genuine, informative websites take the throne. It’s Google’s genius – go thank them for it.

And this is just a broad view of what off site optimization is.

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